Achieve faster throughput and better outcomes with powerful data and real-time care coordination for your EMS, ED, and hospital teams.

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The Future of Emergency Care

Twiage is a powerful, award-winning technology that streamlines workflows and accelerates life-saving care for EMS and hospital teams. Whether you are a paramedic, ED physician, or a Stroke, Cardiac or Trauma team, Twiage is a solution for you.


Stop waiting. Twiage improves turnaround times at the hospital by 65%.

  • Skip the radio call and send instant alerts directly to the hospital

  • Securely share photos, picture IDs, EKGs, and videos in real time

  • Best of all, it's FREE.

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Finally, Air-Traffic Control for incoming patients.

  • Gain instant situational awareness to improve your throughput and optimize your resources.

  • Easily track and prioritize incoming EMS, inter facility, primary care, and nursing home referrals with live GPS.

  • Accelerate door-to-room times with pre-arrival patient registration

  • Improve clinical outcomes with rich prehospital data, EKGs, and video

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Say goodbye to pagers. One solution for all teams: Stroke, Cardiac, Trauma, Sepsis - you name it.

  • With real-time activations, team tracking, and two-way communication, Twiage empowers all emergency teams to deliver the best possible care.

  • Receive alerts sent directly to our phone with shift times you control.

  • Track metrics for STEMI, Stroke, and Trauma outcomes and make recertification a breeze.

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Why Use Twiage?

Here at Twiage, we know that you're constantly looking for ways to improve your emergency workflow.


Accelerate treatment of heart attacks, strokes, and sepsis


Fast, easy, and powerful prehospital reporting for quality, compliance, and business analytics


Save 14 minutes per patient for EMS and achieve faster turnaround times and throughput for your ED


Better data leads to better ED prep for incoming patients


Securely send and receive HIPAA-compliant photos, videos, and EKGs for your whole team


Twiage replaces radio and phone calls, saving nurses hundreds of hours each year for the average ED

EMS who Report Faster ED Throughput with Twiage

EMS who Would Recommend Twiage to Another Medic

See how our clients use Twiage to transform their emergency care.

“Upon arrival, CPR was in progress. After moving the patient to the ambulance, I used Twiage to notify the ED. It only took a few seconds. The ALS intercept called their medical control, but the message never made it to the ED. Because of the seconds I took to notify the ED using Twiage, the ED was prepared and ready for our patient upon our arrival.

-Tamara Baldesweiler, EMT

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"We have found Twiage simple to use and easy for the staff to adapt to. Its simplicity is the reason why adaption of the new technology was not difficult.  As an ED, we strive to help our first responders and make the process of pre-notification more efficient. Twiage is so easy to use and intuitive that staff can almost train themselves!"

-Caitline Burke, RN, The Valley Hospital

See How Twiage Helps Your ED

"With Twiage, we’ll see a photo of a car; we’ll see a patient with some facial droop; we’ll see a picture of a driver’s license, and we’ll have a patient fully registered by the time they go through the door. You can actually order a CT scan for the right stroke patient.”

-Dr. Will Tollefsen, MD MPH, South Shore Hospital

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Leverage an Award-Winning Platform

Twiage has been honored by top innovation awards from the world's leading medical organizations. See what they're all talking about!




Find out why paramedics and physicians have trusted Twiage to accelerate life-saving care for over 45,000 patients.

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