Twiage for Emergency Departments

Twiage delivers real-time pre-hospital data with GPS-tracking to help EDs improve patient satisfaction, streamline workflow, and increase ED throughput.

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Twiage for EMS

Free your EMTs and paramedics from the radio. Twiage Mobile sends real-time data to EDs to streamline handoffs and cut your ED turnaround time.

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If patient handoffs can be improved, if your bed turnover time can be improved, or if your ambulance turnaround time can be reduced, contact us for a free consultation.

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Prehospital EKGs save lives and lead to faster treatment of heart attacks.

Twiage is here to bring prehospital EKG transmission and better Emergency Room preparedness to your community.

About Us

Twiage was created by an EMT, physician, and tech guru to bridge communication gaps in health care. Here at Twiage, we're passionate about saving time, saving costs, and saving lives using lightweight, cost-effective technology and outstanding customer service.