Cleveland Clinic Honors Twiage. Says Vice President Biden – “Every Moment Counts.”


Tremendous words from Vice President Joe Biden. The 2016 Medical Innovation Summit hosted by Cleveland Clinic was a tremendous success. Twiage, a company dedicated to accelerate life-saving care, is so proud to be a part of it.

On Monday, Twiage’s Founder, Dr. YiDing Yu followed Vice President Joe Biden on the main stage to talk about the 1 year anniversary of winning Cleveland Clinic’s New Ventures Healthcare Challenge last year. Sitting down with Dr. Will Morris, Associate Chief Information Officer at Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Yu spoke about her experiences growing Twiage in the past year.

“We’ve learned so much for our partners. I may be a doctor and I might think I know my trade, but I’m always learning from the folks on the front lines. A charge nurse knows her job far better than I could ever imagine. Remembering that we must stay humble, that listening to our customers is the greatest privilege we have, that’s part of our recipe for success.”


Indeed, listening to our customer’s pain points is part of our secret sauce. That’s why the number of patients whose care has been accelerated by Twiage has grown 21X in just one year. It’s a testament to how much our EMS and hospital providers love using Twiage every day.

As Vice President Biden implored, Every Moment Counts. Every moment we delay matters. That’s why Twiage accelerates life-saving care.

Are you interested in transforming prehospital care coordination and accelerate care of heart attacks, strokes, sepsis, and trauma for your EMS, health system, or city? Contact us for a free demo today and we’ll show you how we make it possible.


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