Dr. YiDing Yu Speaks at Cleveland Clinic’s 2016 Medical Innovation Summit


Dr. YiDing Yu speaks on “My Leadership Journey” panel at the 2016 Medical Innovation Summit. Also shown are Dr. Peter Rea of Parker Hannifin, Dr. Brian Donley of Cleveland Clinic, and Dr. Jeff Hersh of GE Healthcare.

Twiage is honored by its continued recognition for innovation and leadership by Cleveland Clinic Innovations. On Tuesday October 25, Dr. Yu spoke on the panel “My Leadership Journey” at the 2016 Medical Innovations Summit in Cleveland, Ohio, alongside the CMO of GE Healthcare, Dr. Jeff Hersh, and the Chief of Staff of Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Brian Donley. The room was packed full to the point of standing room only, filled with seasoned and aspiring leaders of healthcare organizations eager to listen to and discuss the panelists’ reflections. Each speaker addressed the qualities of good leaders, how to build strong teams, and what they’ve learned from failure.

All agreed that their careers were more chaos and serendipity than planned. Dr. Yu advised the audience to find and cultivate their passions, while allowing themselves to take risks: “Opportunities are like doors standing just ajar on your journey. Never walk so focused on your plan that you miss the opportunities that could make a real difference.”

Indeed, at Twiage, we believe in seeking and exploring all opportunities to make a real difference in patient care. Whether it’s the opportunity to help an EMT connect with medical support on scene or to help a team at the hospital accelerate life-saving treatments, at the end of the day, Twiage builds tools for strong cohesive teams

We’re always looking for inspired and motivated people who share our passion for improving health care and building innovation to join our team. Contact us and tell us about how you can make a difference at Twiage.

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