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Excerpt from Breaking Health Podcast:

On this episode of Breaking Health, VC and host Steve Krupa of the Psilos Group sits down with YiDing Yu, MD, practicing physician, award-winning tech entrepreneur, and passionate founder and chief medical officer of Twiage (an amalgam of “Twitter” and “Triage”) – the application looking to answer for the communication gaps in health care. Dr. YiDing Yu, honored as a powerhouse by the Boston Business Journal’s 2015 list of 40 Under 40, got the idea for Twiage when she was a resident in Brigham and Women’s Hospital learning firsthand about the failing systems widespread in emergency department practices.

“Why am I doing this?” she says. Yu recalls being directed to pick up a physical printout of a patient’s health status in the emergency department before it was lost. “The moment I got to [the] ED the first time, I knew why this was happening. It was a little strip of paper that looked like a receipt … that came out of the machine and laid around while people were busy doing other things. It had a critical piece of information on it that the entire department would rely on. If I didn’t retrieve it, it may have disappeared entirely. The fact that this … kind of stuff is still happening today is my motivation to do something really different – which is not novel at all when you consider it. Let’s use technology to solve this problem.”

Instead of outdated standard-of-care procedures still used in emergency rooms today – like radio signals, word of mouth, and paper printouts – Yu challenged the status quo and asked the right questions. What if there was a more reliable, real-time system to connect and share that vital information with the people who need it? How can we enable EMTs to send updated diagnostic stats from a central database to an entire chain of doctors, nurses, and first responders involved in the process of care? What could this mean not only for patient outcomes, but also for the cost effectiveness, coherence, and general well-being of emergency care providers and hospitals?

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