Twiage Welcomes New Hampshire!

Salem firefighter Pat Emanuelson shows off Twiage on the iPad. Salem Fire Department is using Twiage to coordinate with hospitals for emergency calls. Salem is the first department in New Hampshire to use the app. Credit: Ryan Hutton, Eagle Tribune

Twiage was launched in New Hampshire last month with the Salem Fire Department and Holy Family Hospitals in Haverhill and Methuen. “Salem joins 16 hospitals and 70 fire departments and paramedic companies that have started using Twiage since it launched in November 2015. Other users include Methuen and Georgetown fire departments, along with Patriot Ambulance and Trinity EMS.”

The benefits, including a faster turnaround time for ambulances because of the immediate digital information transfer, quickly became apparent.

“You can organize yourself, send all of that information off and then go back to what you’re doing for the patient,” Salem firefighter Jeff Quesnell added.

“While it can generally take up to 15 or 20 minutes for paramedics to admit a patient, Twiage has helped cut that time down to around five minutes at Holy Family,” said Brenden Hayden of Steward Health Care System.
By using Twiage, Salem physicians and first responders can begin communicating immediately. In addition, the app’s photo and video capabilities help paint an accurate picture of the situation.

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Twiage Presents at NJIT’s Innovation Showcase

This week, John Hui, Co-Founder and Executive VP of Twiage, presented Twiage at the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Annual Innovation Showcase. Attendees included professionals in the healthcare field, from physicians and nurses to entrepreneurs and investors. The event aimed to facilitate a conversation between providers and the health technology community about data interoperability, technology tools, and the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care.

NJIT chose to highlight Twiage during the Innovation Showcase Exhibition for its tremendous progress. John captivated the audience with how Twiage’s award-winning prehospital communication technology can enable hospitals and EMS agencies to accelerate life-saving emergency care and how fast Twiage has been growing.

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Twiage Honored with the Platinum Award at PULSE Finale!


Last Tuesday, Twiage was honored to win the Platinum Award at the first annual PULSE @MassChallenge Finale event in Boston, Massachusetts. Championed by Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, the program was launched to partner with the world’s leading digital health companies. Program winners were chosen based on their potential impact to the world and demonstrated achievements over the 5 month program.

Twiage’s Founder and CEO, Dr. YiDing Yu, outlined the problem that hospitals face in her pitch: “When we bottleneck communications behind a radio tower and phone lines, we leave our doctors in a black box and patients pay the price.” Twiage technology empowers EMTs and hospitals to help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and save lives.

The Platinum Award provides $60,000 in grant funding directly to Twiage. The team plans to dedicate this award towards continuing development of technology that will help accelerate care for patients having heart attacks, strokes, and traumas through better care coordination.

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Twiage Announced Winner of MATTER’s Observation Unit Challenge!

Dr. Yu and the Twiage team pitched their observation unit tracker in the final round of Observation Unit Challenge to a panel of judges from Allscripts, Hill-Rom, OSF Healthcare, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Twiage’s tracker technology helps decrease patients’ length of stay and support clinical decision making. Twiage used the feedback from mentors and hospitals to improve their solution to address the specific problems that many health professionals faced. For example, the tracker includes a team chat feature which enhances communication and promotes situational awareness. Twiage’s observation unit tracker design emphasizes care team collaboration, which in turn helps reduce length of stay.

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Dr. YiDing Yu selected to join EMS Agenda 2050!

Dr. YiDing Yu, founder and CEO of Twiage, has been selected as one of 10 members on the Technical Expert Panel (TEP) for EMS Agenda 2050, a two-year initiative that strives to determine and plan for the growing role of EMS in our country over the next three decades. As a member of the panel, Dr. Yu will pay a pivotal role in shaping an Agenda for the Future that focuses on the integration of emergency care within the greater healthcare environment. The TEP will work closely with members of the emergency care and healthcare communities to gather their suggestions and build a foundation for this Agenda before facilitating wider-community meetings for further feedback.

Dr. Yu was selected for the TEP not only for her expertise in Population Medicine and training in Primary Care, but also for her ability to think outside the box in regards to improving patient and provider experience across the healthcare field. She will be collaborating with a geographically diverse group of thought leaders who each bring unique perspectives for the future.

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