Twiage was created by a team inspired to improve communication and patient care.

YiDing Yu, MD

YiDing is a Harvard physician, entrepreneur, and designer from Orlando, Florida. YiDing graduated from Harvard College magna cum laude in Economics and Health Policy, and received her MD from Duke University, where she was elected Alpha Omega Alpha. She developed her first of two e-commerce companies at age 15, and has won national and international recognition for website development and design. YiDing’s research in clinical epidemiology was recognized by a national award from Johns Hopkins University and she has published in several academic journals.

John Rodley

John is an Android and Google Glass developer and a serial entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts. He has served as CTO of financial services startup Radius Partners, acquired by Fundtech in 2005, then co-founded mobile payment provider ROAM Data, acquired for $50M by Ingenico in 2012. His book Writing Java Applets was one of the first Java books written and has been translated into 10 languages.

Crystal Law

Crystal Law is an MIT engineer alumna with years of strategy consulting experience for large pharma. She is a former EMT experienced in emergency medical care and has served as Leadership Lead at a non-profit, Boston Young Health Professionals. Her passion for improving medical care began after a few medical trips to Haiti post 2010-earthquake. Crystal aspires to utilize clinical knowledge, and strategy design thinking to disrupt health care in the US and abroad.