Cornell: Twiage Leads Healthcare's New Wave of Innovation

April 25, 2018

Even as hospitals continue to strive for optimal efficiency in providing high quality patient care, they remain historically hesitant to adopt major technological change. That trend looks tobe changing however, and innovative health technologies like Twiage are reshaping the way medicine is working. Twiage's novel approach to emergency medicine communication is making big waves in the healthcare community and is starting to turn heads and save lives across the country.

Twiage's CEO,John Hui, says it best: “Radio technology has been the status quo communication system for ambulances since the 1960s, but it’s not because better technology isn’t available but because of the risk-averse nature of healthcare,” says Hui. “People outside the industry can’t believe how antiquated the system is.” The tipping point has arrived however, and hospital systems are now more open to modernizing their equipment and workflow to meet current technology standards.

To learn more about Twiage, and other new exciting technologies on the healthcarescene, read the full article!

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