Twiage Goes West

May 14, 2019

Twiage expands its nationwide community even more by launching with four hospitals and their EMS partners in Salt Lake City, Utah. The facilities, part of the Steward Health Care System, join many of their sister hospitals who are already using the Twiage technology in multiple states to great success in patient care and safety improvements. In only a few weeks the Twiage app has transmitted over 150 cases, often accompanied by media like EKGs, videos and pictures, that were previously unavailable via standard radio calls. The high usage from the start shows a community enthusiastic about a long awaited step forward in the workflow for EMS and ED coordination. But don’t just take our word for it:

“Using Twiage has been a quicker and smoother way of communicating with Mountain Point Medical Center for patient report. It is quickly becoming the preferred method over using the phone.” – Sarasota Springs Fire Department

“I like the video capabilities and how easy it is to send EKGs… It helps differentiate care for heart attacks even more quickly, helping to speed up activation of the Cardiac Response Team.  We are able to interact directly with the EMS crew making communication easier and faster.” –
Dr. Christine Anderegg, Director of Emergency Physicians at Davis Hospital.

“In emergency care, speed and information save lives… With Twiage, Steward’s emergency departments in Utah will be able to treat people even more quickly, delivering the highest standard of care to patients across the communities in which they live. We are grateful that our Utah EMS providers have adopted this technology to help better serve our mutual patient.” – Brenden Hayden, Vice President of EMS, Steward Health Care System.

For more quotes and information on the Utah launch, check out the article here.

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