Twiage Helps Combat COVID-19 Outbreak

March 16, 2020

Twiage is extremely proud tobe working alongside tireless first responders and healthcare workers this week, designing several custom communication features to help combat the COVID-19 outbreak.  Expanding on features developed last year to manage a measles outbreak in New York, Twiage's  "Isolation" module is now live incommunities nationwide and being used in the fight against Coronavirus. The workflow allows for earlier alerts to hospitals for incoming cases that meet potential COVID-19 criteria, better preparing staff for arriving patients and enabling them to more effectively manage their resources. Additional Twiage features are being used for regional broadcast of alerts and updated situational information, while Twiage's telemedicine abilities give paths for healthcare professionals to provide care to patients who are isolated at home or within the facility. We're happy that we can make a positive impact in such a trying time and will continue to develop new features to enable and support the providers on the front lines of this global health crisis.  

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