Twiage Helps Combat Measles Outbreak in NY

May 14, 2019

Twiage’s dynamic workflow came in handy during a recent measles outbreak in New York, where the system was able to help identify and isolate potentially infectious patients coming into the ED. Montefiore Nyack Hospital, one of Twiage’s longest running partners, saw an opportunity to leverage the technology’s malleable abilities to help address the measles issue. The high level of EMS utilization and engagement of the mobile technology in the region made this possible, and Twiage is excited to see the platform being used in a creative and efficient way to address real time events.

Twiage CEO John Hui says “Twiage’s configurable design and flexible infrastructure allow hospitals and EMS providers to customize clinical triage algorithms that suit their specific needs in a very short amount of time, so healthcare providers can better handle emergency situations like the measles outbreak in time.”

To learn more about the situation and application of Twiage’s technology, go to the article! You can also watch a video about it here.

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