Twiage Joins Rhode Island Through CharterCARE

May 4, 2018

The CharterCAREHealth System in Rhode Island, consisting of Our Lady of Fatima Hospital andRoger Williams Medical Center, has joined the EMS communication modernization movement with Twiage. They are the first hospitals in the state to use the Twiage prehospital mobile technology, which works to facilitate secure and realtime communication between EMS agencies and the emergency departments they bring patients to. The system streamlines the process for both sides of the equation and has professionals in the field and in the ER excited to use it. “Mymembers love Twiage,” said Providence EMS rescue chief Zach Kenyon. “Having an app on the phone makes it so easy and fast, which frees up valuable time for patient care.”

Twiage allowsfor previously unavailable innovations in the emergency healthcare field,including real time GPS tracking for ambulance ETAs, and the ability to sendHIPAA-compliant clinical data from the back of the ambulance. “Timely care is essential – and in some cases, lifesaving – when it comes to emergency medicine,” said Rebecca Broccoli, Associate Director, Emergency Services,CharterCARE. “Real-time information and GPS tracking for incoming rescues allows us to better prepare for an ambulance’s arrival so we can accelerate potentially lifesaving emergency care.”

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